About the School

Mission Statement

The Mission of the School is:

The Vision of the School is: Leadership, Innovation, and Integrity. The Value Statements of the School are as follows.

The Mission expresses the meaning of, and the reason for, the School’s existence. It guides and informs all aspects of the School’s operations and activities as it strives to be a global university, trusted by local communities. The three pillars of our Vision provide a focus for the School’s development in accordance with the Mission. The Value Statements of the School enable implementation of the three pillars of our Vision.

A review of the history of Hitotsubashi University demonstrates the relevance of the School’s Mission. The University was established as a center of education and research embracing the field of social science. Since its establishment, it has contributed to the development of Japan’s political and economic society by fostering graduates that possess a creative driving force, developed through the University’s liberal academic traditions. The University has produced numerous graduates who are indeed Captains of Industry, actively contributing to business and community life in Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and across the world. The standards of education and research are recognized nationally as being of the highest caliber. Thus, the School’s Mission has been a fundamental basis of our existence and our educational and academic activities, and clearly reveals our raison d’etre as a leading business school in both Japan and Asia.