Executive Program

Program Profile

The Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce and Management launched the Hitotsubashi Senior Executive Program (HSEP) in 2002 with the cooperation of four companies (NEC Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, Kao Corporation, and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.). HSEP is the crystallization of Hitotsubashi’s research and development to create a management training program for senior executives. It draws on the latest findings in theoretical research on corporate management gained by the Graduate School through its research and the MBA Program and aims to contribute to the refinement of the managerial skills of executives at Japanese corporations.

The unique aspect of HSEP is that it is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of Japan. HSEP is not a “translation” of an overseas senior executive program; it is designed based on a thorough examination of the unique needs of executives in the context of Japanese corporations and of the ideal educational perspective for them. HSEP is a comprehensive education program that uses the Graduate School’s research on Japanese corporations and envisions partnerships with the 21st Century COE Program research projects being conducted at the Graduate School’s Center for Japanese Business Studies. It is intended to be a model of senior executive education for all Japan.

As of the end of the 2004 academic year, HSEP ended the research and development phase of the program, having graduated four cohorts with a combined total of about 100 executive-class participants. The graduates of the program have been posted at key positions at the four cooperating corporations and are performing well.

From the 2005 academic year, HSEP expanded into a full-fledged senior executive development program open to executives from other companies in addition to the original four cooperating companies.