Ph.D Program

Diploma Policy

Hitotsubashi University’s predecessors, the Tokyo Higher Commercial School and Tokyo University of Commerce, were institutions designed not only to produce practitioners for the business world, but also to train researchers and educators in the fields of commerce and management. This tradition has been carried forward by the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce and Management from its establishment in 1953 right through to the present day.

In its Researcher Training Program, the Graduate School seeks to produce individuals with advanced research capabilities and ethical standards to work as university faculty members specializing in management, marketing, accounting, finance, and associated fields, or as research professionals in public research institutes, private think-tanks and the like. Those completing the Researcher Training Program are expected to have a positive impact in wider society as global leaders in the advancement of knowledge in their respective academic disciplines, and as researchers capable of applying research-based insights to make effective contributions toward the solution of practical challenges in industrial, financial and other realms.