Ph.D Program


Admission Policy

The Researcher Training Program in the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Management is designed for students who wish to become involved in research and teaching in the fields of commerce and management in the future. We seek students who (1) are highly interested in the field of commerce and management, (2) have devised a clear research question and possess the ambition to shed light thereupon, (3) possess sufficient literacy (i.e., a deep insight into their field and advanced language proficiency) and thinking skills to undertake research in their field, and (4) are equipped with the high ethical standards necessary to contribute to the sound development of the social sciences.

In order to select students of this type, our entrance examination entails a multi-faceted assessment of applicants’ abilities and motivations, through a written examination as well as a written research proposal and other application documents, and an oral examination to assess thinking skills and research plans. International students from outside Japan are subject to a special admissions process, which accesses their abilities and motivations for undertaking specialized research and confirms that they possess Japanese language proficiency sufficient for advanced research activity.