Undergraduate Program

Diploma Policy

One of the oldest business schools in the world, the Faculty of Commerce and Management carries on the proud traditions of the Institute for Business Training (Shōhō Kōshūjo), which was founded in 1875 and eventually grew into Hitotsubashi University. Throughout its history, the Faculty has produced highly capable professionals equipped with a strong sense of mission, expertise in objective analysis, and deep intellectual insight, who have made important contributions to the economic and social development of both Japan and the world as a whole. The Faculty remains committed to the task of training its students to take an active interest in corporate and market-related phenomena, to observe those phenomena closely in order to identify unresolved problems, to apply social scientific ideas and theories to the task of formulating solutions to the problems they find, and to put their solutions into practice in real life.

The capabilities of such students must be underpinned with cosmopolitan sense and a strong hands-on orientation. In this context, “cosmopolitan” refers to the capacity to make the most of one’s abilities unfettered by differences in language, cultural background, and other such attributes. To be “hands-on” means not simply to comprehend what one has learned at a theoretical level, but to be capable of applying all one’s intellectual resources to the task of solving problems in practice. The cultivation of graduates with both these qualities is the Faculty’s ultimate objective.